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Car Rental in Le Lamentin, Fort-de-France Martinique

Aéroport Aimé Césaire FDF - Le Lamentin

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Rent a Car in Lareinty

Pick-up your rental car in Lareinty ?

The Fort-de-France Airport located in Lamentin is the best place to pick up your rental car.

The agency is located right in front of the Aimé Césaire Airport. It is perfect if you arrive by plane in Martinique. Our shuttle bus will pick you up at the airport and take you to the agency 5 minutes away, where you will sign your contract and collect your car.

Morevover, this is our biggest agency of Martinique where we have most of our cars. Therefore, the choice is bigger !

Otherwise, if you prefer to pick up your car somewhere else, we have other agencies :

What vehicles are available at our Agency in Lareinty ?

At our Lareinty agency, we have all the cars you may want :

  • Economy

  • Convertible

  • Family

  • SUV

  • Electric

If you need a specific car, please book as soon as you can as we have limited stock.

Conditions to rent a car with Jumbo Car Martinique

To rent a car in Martinique with Jumbo Car, you need :

  • A driving licence (you must be licensed for at least 1 year for average vehicles, and over 2 years for certain cars)

  • An ID (photocopies are not accepted)

  • Be 21 years old minimum or 25 for some categories of car

  • A credit card for the deposit

Road trip in Martinique from Lareinty

To rent a cheap car at Lareinty, here is what you need to do : - Book in advance - Book online on our website - Select the right car - Choose to pick up your car at the Lareinty Agency

If you have already driven in France, the rules are exactly the same in Martinique as it is a French Territory. Maximum speed limit is 90km/hour.

In martinique, there are few secondary roads, which means traffic jams can be huge during rush hours. If you are here on vacation, you should avoid taking your cars in the morning around 8.00am or in the evening around 5.00pm.

Yes it is ! The main areas are well indicated on the road, but most places don't have proper addresses and you will need a GPS to get there.

Where to go in Martinique ?

There are so many things, we cannot tell you all of them right here. But first, things first : you have to go the beach, and our favorites beaches are :

  • Anse des Salines in Sainte Anne

  • Anse du Diamant

  • Anse Couleuvre in Prêcheur.

If you want to try some nautic activities, go to Le Marin's marina, you will find everything you are looking for and will have some fun for sure.

You might want to go hiking too. The main hiking trail of course is to go up the Montagne Pelée and enjoy the view from up there. You will also like to go to the Presqu'île de la Caravelle.

Last but not the least : you cannot leave Martinique without visiting a Distillery. You can visit JM, or the Habitation Clément. Those are the prettiest ones.

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